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"Free the child's potential, and you will transform him into the world" Maria Montessori

Children with Learning Disabilities Tutoring

Montessori Tutoring Center specializes in teaching children with learning disabilities. Call us!

We use the Montessori methods and activities to educate your child in Miami.

Special Needs Tutoring

The Montessori Tutoring Center takes care of children with special needs, be it behavioral problems or gifted children.

The Montessori approach to education is often the best solution for students with certain kinds of special needs. Children can learn at their own pace, no matter how slow or fast their ability to assimilate knowledge. Contact our school!

Helping children with special needs by using the Montessori method

hildren with Learning Disabilities Tutoring  Miami

Tutoring Kids With Learning Disabilities

 Children with Learning Disabilities Tutoring  North Miami

The Montessori Tutoring Center has experience tutoring children with learning disabilities. We focus on guiding and accompanying children with learning difficulties in the Montessori environment.

In cases of children with attention deficit disorder or dyslexia, we can help them overcome any challenges with our different learning programs. Your child will receive the attention they need and require from our tutors! 

Accompanying your child each step of the way

Why Choose Us?

  • Experienced and fully-equipped school
  • Subject specific tutoring
  • Use Montessori materials and method of education
  • Individual and small group instruction
  • Home tutoring available
  • Tutoring support for virtual school students

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Montessori Tutoring Center

10822 NE 6 Ave

Miami, FL 33161



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